Mercedes G500 Cabrio

From 90€ day*


  • From 90€ day*
  • Body Type: Convertible , SUV
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Engine Size: 5.0L
  • Trans: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gas

    When Mercedes introduced the facelift for the G-Class range last year, they silently put the three-door hardtop version to sleep. We were stabbed by the news and, to recover, we had to drive the G63 AMG. We felt like a military leader that had just won a battle after the experience. Despite this, we still knew there was something missing from our Gelandewagen puzzle. That piece is called the Cabriolet and we’re now back to the command room to see how this model obeys orders.

    Since open-air vehicles have always been part of armed forces, the G-Class Cabriolet was included in the scheme from the very beginning. Civilians also got the Cabrio from the first year of G-Class production, 1979. Over the years, this model stood as the range’s ultimate declaration of personality. Being such a specialized model, you won’t see too many of them on the street.

    Like we said, we recently set out to test drive a Mercedes G500 Cabriolet. Our tester had been forced to wear some Mansory exterior and interior bits. The German tuner is known for ruining special cars like this with questionable design and mediocre interior quality. Fortunately, they didn’t reach the tech side of the car, so it wasn’t hard to ignore their touches.

    The Mercedes G500 Cabrio was idling in the parking lot when we got to it and we started the day with a smile – the plastic rear window was fidgeting a bit, as if it too was eager to get things started.


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